Credit : Mc Xzavier


NEMINUS is about engaging the innate strengths of the individual. It is about projecting the individual’s beliefs, convictions & confidence.

NEMINUS factions are honest people who do uncommon things. They are not necessarily rich or famous, but they are confident & sincere about what they do. They are undeterred & uninhibited by challenges. They persevere when times are tough. They also take it easy when need to. 

NEMINUS brand slogan is "BE IN IT". NEMINUS hopes that people enthrall in whatever things they do & enjoy the experiences of the journeys.

NEMINUS product slogan is "To Watch & Be Watched“. That is, other than to read time, NEMINUS hopes that supporters are envied for their tastes & styles.

About the LOGO

NEMINUS logo is an amalgamation of four “psi” Ψ signs placed diagonally.

“Psi” in psychological term is related to the study of human behavior. NEMINUS aims to understand what watch lovers look for in a watch, what they like about a watch, what types of watches they like, what designs they prefer & so forth.