Starburst Dial

Source : Pixabay

The galatic starburst inspires the design of the radiant dial.

Multiple Rims on Bezel

Source : Pixabay

Planetary rotation is the inspiration for the multiple circular rims on the bezel.

Unique Hour& Minute Hands

Source : Pixabay

Inspirations for the hour & minute hands are derived from the  rocket boosters.

300m Water Resistant

Inspiration for the Spaceman’s diving capability @ 300m is drawn from astronauts underwater training to simulate their space maneuvers.

Tapered Crown

Source : Pixabay

The booster nozzles on the rocket leads to the design of the crown on the watch – slightly tapered at one end like the shape of the boosters.


Cupola Back Case

Source : Pixabay

Inspirations for the back case is drawn from the cupola or observatory module of the space station.

Galaxy View

Here is the inspirational galaxy image on the caseback of the Spaceman Collection. The galaxy that is on the caseback now is a redrawn image and only a small portion is used. Hope this gives you an imagery space in your mind - travel the deep space.