With this collection, we pay tribute to the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau for all the extensive ocean work he did and more importantly, his co-engineering work of the aqua-lung.  
In order to honor the man, his work and aspirations, neminus named the models “Aqualung”, “Calypso” and “Waterworld”.
The rationales behind the model names.
  • Aqua-lung : In 1943 Cousteau and French engineer Émile Gagnan developed the first fully automatic compressed-air Aqua-Lung (scuba apparatus), which allowed divers to swim freely underwater for extended periods of time.


  • Calypso  : In 1950 he converted a British minesweeper into the Calypso, an oceanographic research ship, aboard which he and his crew carried out numerous expeditions.


  • Waterworld : In a 1960 interview with TIME, Cousteau predicted that in the future, medical science would advance to the point where men could surgically be given gills that would enable them to live underwater. …. He told the magazine, "Everything that has been done on the surface will sooner or later be done under water. It will be the conquest of a whole new world."


1. Dimensions : Diameter : 44mm (without crown) ; Lugs : 22mm ; Lugs to Lugs : 52mm ; Thickness : 14mm - 15mm
2. Weight : 120g
3. Movement: Seiko NH35A Made in Japan
4. Casing : Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel  
5. Bezel : Ceramic & 120 Anti-Clockwise Rotation Click       
6. Dial : 2-Tone Color Dial   
7. Indexes : Raised and Applied     
8. Hands : Laser Diamond Cut                                 
9. Indexes & Hands : Grade A C3 and BGW9 Swiss Superluminova
10. Top Glass : Double Domed Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides
11. Water Resistant : 300m / 500m / 1000m WR with Helium Release Valve (HEV)
12. Main Crown : Screw Down with Embossed Logo
13. HEV Crown : Screw Down with Embossed Logo
14. 12 o'clock Main Dot : Metallic PIP with Grade A C3 and BGW9 Swiss Superluminova